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Andrei Yakushev

I'm a freelancer and interface designer in most broad sense of this title. I'm passionate about creating effective digital products.

Personal projects:

  • uideo.net  – a collection of talks from the best design conferences (Ruby on Rails)
  • designbase.us  – an inspiration collector for designers (Meteor, React, GraphQL)

My design experience:

I discovered Photoshop in the early 2000's in mid-school. In 2008-2010, in the last years of college (I have a technical degree), I started to receive my first freelance projects as a designer. In 2010, after college, I moved to ... Moscow and in 2011 switched from freelance to a full time office job in a giant IT-company (2 000 employees).

At the beginning, I was as the designer in position for a Russian government e-services website (A place where, for example, you could send an online request for a new passport and then just get it at the nearest local government office or find out everything about your tax and hundreds of other government e-services). My responsibilities included development of new design features and support of the current website. At first, there was just me as a designer, and an art-director above me, but then, when the design team started to grow, I chose a narrow specialization of UX-designer and switched to other projects within the company. It was various B2B systems for leading telecom companies in Russia. Axure, mindmaps and notes became my main tools for that time. I've gained solid experience working with complex business projects, where as a UX designer I covered the gap between Business Analysts and design teams. On new projects, I started on the earliest stages with BAs on gathering the requirements and surveying the users and the client, then I processed all the gathered information, identified user goals, came up with ideas how to reach them most effectively and then based on all this information, I built wireframes and presented them to the stakeholders, and design and development team.

In 2014, I quit the job and became a freelancer again. From that time, I made a bunch of redesigns for various offline retails: 3-15 – a watch retailer with 55 offline stores all over Russia, Art de Vivre – a rugs retailer with ~50 offline shops and Liberty Home – a furniture boutique in Moscow. The redesigns brought a mature online experience for their customers and helps to sell more and more efficiently online.